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Integrated Weed Management (IWM) in Australian Cropping Systems

The Integrated weed management (IWM) manual has been updated and full version of the new updated manual is available on the GRDC website

Links to individual PDF sections of the manual are available below

Introduction (5Mb)

Section 1: Economic benefits of adopting IWM (4.85 Mb)
This section outlines the economic benefits of IWM in Australian cropping systems using computer model simulations.

Section 2: Herbicide resistance (5.34 Mb)
A knowledge resource clarifying aspects of herbicide resistance in weed populations. It is crucial to understand the basics of herbicide resistance when managing weed populations that are resistant to one or more herbicide roups, or are at risk of becoming resistant.

Section 3: Agronomy to enhance the implementation and benefits of weed management tactics (5.4 Mb)
Discusses a range of agronomic practices that can be used to enhance the results of the specific weed management tactics employed. It includes many simple and cost-effective management changes that can be made to improve the competitive ability of the crop.

Section 4: Tactics for managing weed populations (8.8 Mb)Provides detailed information on available weed management tactics and presents trial results from across Australia. The tactics, sorted by tactic group, are addressed individually. Where a tactic can fall into two tactic groups because it impacts on two stages of the weed's life cycle, it has been grouped according to its major aim.

Section 5: Implementing an IWM program using tactic groups (5.17 Mb)
The 'doing' part of the manual, outlining how best to assess the on-farm situation and implement the IWM plan on-farm. The information that should be collected for each paddock is listed, so that an effective weed management plan can be prepared.

Section 6: Profiles of common weeds of cropping (8.09 Mb)
Details the characteristics of 23 key weeds of annual cropping across Australia. Information includes basic identification, distribution and traits that make the weed a significant problem in cropping systems. For eachweed there is a recommendation of the most suited weed management tactics for control.

Section 7: Case studies (6.6 Mb)
Includes a number of grower case studies collected from across Australia. These are an invaluable resource highlighting how growers are actually implementing IWM. What made them change? What has been successful? What have been the challenges?


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