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Member profiles

Chris Preston

Chris Preston is Associate Professor of Weed Management at the University of Adelaide.  He chairs the Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group.  Chris also co-ordinates research projects on 'Understanding and management of weeds resistant to glyphosate, Group I herbicides and paraquat', 'Glyphosate resistance in non-agricultural areas' and 'New pre-emergent herbicides to manage trifluralin resistance and Integrated weed management in the southern region'.

Hugh Beckie

Hugh Beckie is Director of AHRI and Professor of Crop Weed Science in the University of Western Australia School of Agriculture & Environment since July, 2018. He grew up on a farm near Davidson, Saskatchewan, Canada and farmed for over 30 years. He obtained undergraduate degrees in Geological Sciences and Agriculture followed by a Masters degree in Soil Science from the University of Saskatchewan. In 1992, Hugh obtained his PhD in the Department of Plant Science at the University of Manitoba. Under the supervision of Prof. Ian Morrison, he investigated the first case of weed resistance in western Canada – trifluralin-resistant Setaria viridis. He began his 26-year career as a weed scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in 1992. Hugh was also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. His research program has focused on surveillance, risk assessment, and management of herbicide-resistant weeds as well as impact assessment of crops with novel traits. Hugh has served as President of the Canadian Weed Science Society and became a Fellow of the Society in 2017. In 2018, he received the Fellow award from the Weed Science Society of America.

Tony Cook

Tony Cook is the Technical Specialist Weeds with NSW Department of Primary Industries based at Tamworth Agricultural Institute. He has 24 years experience in weed research ranging from aquatic, pastoral, cropping and woody weed situations. His achievements in the field of resistance management include the development of selective spray-topping (wild oats) and determining alternative management of glyphosate resistant weeds - awnless barnyard grass, fleabane, annual ryegrass and Liverseed grass. He is active in two major projects funded by GRDC relating to glyphosate resistance management.

Abul Hashem

Abul Hashem is a Principal Research Scientist with the WA Department of Primary Industry & Regionl Development. Abul has 32 years experience in research and extension of weed science and crop agronomy, publishing 36 peer reviewed papers in weed ecology, weed control, herbicide resistance and weed biology, 119 national and international conference proceedings, 28 semi-scientific papers in periodicals, numerous Newsletter articles and talks in field days and workshops on weed research and extension; Abul regularly contributes to national and international weed research.

Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes has been Monsanto Australia's glyphosate and Canola Technical Specialist since 2012. Prior to this he spent two years with GrainCorp as an agronomist and grain trader in central west New South Wales, focusing on broadacre cropping systems. He then joined Agrisearch where he conducted agricultural chemical trial research as part of new registration submissions, label extensions and minor use permits, for major private crop protection companies and industry groups. This work was conducted in a wide range of crops and pests, weeds and diseases, with a focus on broadacre herbicides.

Mick Lines

Mick Lines is a Principal Biologist with Dow AgroSciences, based in the Clare Valley, SA. Prior to this Mick worked in a field research role for the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), researching various aspects of pulse agronomy and breeding. Mick is also an active board member for the Hart Field Site Group in SA.

David Minkey

David Minkey is the executive director for the Western Australian No-Tillage farmers Association. He has over 20 years experience in the agricultural cropping industry with the majority of his time spent with DAFWA and the Western Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (WAHRI).  Specialising in herbicide resistance and weed management David has led research projects into herbicide efficacy, managing weeds in no tillage farming systems and understanding the ecology of weed seeds in the Western Australian cropping environment.  David also has a strong extension background with his role as extension/communications officer with WAHRI, having assisted in the teaching of the national integrated weed management training for farm advisors and has lectured on precision agriculture and genetically modified cropping at UWA.   

Kevin Morthorpe

Kevin Morthorpe is the canola product lead (business and stewardship) with GenTech Seeds Pty Ltd, sole distributors of Pioneer® brand seeds in Australia, and is based in Canberra. Kevin has worked in the Australian seeds industry for 35 years covering agronomic research in cropping systems with NSW Department of Primary Industries and is a technical specialist for lucerne and canola on a national level. Kevin has a special interest in the stewardship of herbicide tolerant crop traits and Integrated Weed Management practices for managing herbicide resistance in Australian cropping rotations.  

Jodie Pedrana

Jodie Pedrana is Portfolio Manager for Integrated Pest Management and Chemicals with Horticulture Innovation Australia, based in Brisbane. Prior to this she was with Monsanto Australia Ltd.

Jason Sabeeney

Jason Sabeeney is Solutions Development Manager with Syngenta Crop Protection based in Mount Pleasant, South Australia and has over 20 years industry experience.  Jason is Chairman of CropLife Herbicide Resistance Management Review Group (HRMRG), and a committee member of National Integrated Weed Management Initiative (NIWMI). Jason's specialisations include extension and training on non-selective herbicides, herbicide resistance and application technology. In 2007 he facilitated the review of the Australian herbicide mode-of-action labelling system.

Mark Slatter

Mark Slatter Mark Slatter is a Research and Development Officer with Nufarm, based in Horsham, Victoria. Mark has worked in this role for over 10 years covering Victoria's broadacre cropping districts. Prior to this he was a commercial agronomist for 7 years. Mark manages some of Nufarm's key herbicide projects on a national level including the glyphosate and phenoxy portfolios. Mark has an interest in alternate knockdown herbicides to glyphosate and other Integrated Weed Management practices for the Australian cropping systems.

Andrew Storrie

Andrew Storrie is Executive officer of the AGSWG and private weed and spray management consultant based in Albany WA. Andrew was Technical Specialist Weeds and Weeds Agronomist for 15 years based at Tamworth, NSW and spent half his time running various projects with the CRC for Australian Weed Management. Andrew was editor and major contributor to the first edition of "Integrated Weed Management in Australian Cropping Systems" and also updated the second edition.  Prior to this he was District Agronomist at Griffith and Hillston in the New South Wales Riverina for 15 years.

Craig White

Craig White is a Technical adviser and the Leader of Integrated Weed Management at Bayer Crop Science (Australia). In these roles he links their strong Research & Development program with sales, development and marketing. Craig also works in multi-disciplinary project teams, such as Sakura®, and Bayer hybrid canola. He is also the Australian link to the Bayer Weed Resistance Competence Centre in Frankfurt, Germany. Craig maintains a strong liaison with key agricultural industry stakeholders such as WANTFA (board member), AHRI, GIWA, DAFWA, CSIRO, AAAC consultants, distribution agronomy teams, Universities and several Grower Groups around Australia. Craig has been with Bayer Crop Science for 12 years. For the previous ten years he was an Agronomist for Elders Ltd and a Research and Extension agronomist with the Department of Agriculture & Food WA in Merredin and Lake Grace.

Ken Young

Ken Young is General Manager Crop Protection with the Grains Research and Development Corporation. Ken has worked as a weeds agronomist in a range of crops and pastures in southern Queensland, NSW, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Victoria and was an agronomy lecturer the University of Melbourne based at Dookie College. Prior to joining GRDC, Ken was a Senior Evaluator for the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

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